Work in Progress

Batyra, E. “Education is Not Uniformly Associated with the Timing of Family Formation: Evidence from 50 Countries”. (Under Review)

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Mogi, R., Batyra, E. and Kashnitsky, I, “Not Having Children is Often Driven by Inability to Form Union”.  (Under Review)

Jeffers, K., Esteve, A. and Batyra, E. “Nonfamily Living Arrangements Among Young Adults in the United States”. (Under Review)

Liu, C., Castro, A.F. and Batyra, E. “A Gender Story of Social Disengagement of Young Adults in Latin America“. MPIDR Working Paper WP 2022-004. (Under Review)

Batyra, E., Castro, A.F. and Boertien, D. “Trends in Partnering Between Foreign-Born and Native-Born Individuals Across 81 Countries”.